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We are currently updating our classroom and are not accepting registrations at this time.

A Different Approach to Web Design Training

classroomMost online web training takes one of three approaches. The first is low key, little or no homework or required reading. A few exercises and that's about it. Total time needed to complete the exercises and read the short online lessons is 1-2 hours per week. These classes maybe instructor led or self-study.

The other approach is intensive instructor led with a lot of reading both online and from a required book and homework submissions required five days a week. The level of commitment required is 2-3 hours per day.

Our approach takes the middle ground, using a combination of required reading and exercises under the guidance and monitor of instructor well versed in the subject taught. Classes have estimated time commitment of approximately 5 hours per week. The reading material will all be included with the class unless other wise stated in the class description. Class materials are available in a zip format for reading off-line.

Instructor Led Classes

Next Session TBA

"Introduction to Expression Web "

Expression WebMicrosoft® has announced that FrontPage is being discontinued and will be replaced with Microsoft Expression Web® and SharePoint Designer®. Since Start to Web is about internet design and development and not about corporate intranet design or development we will be offering classes in Expression Web.

This class will cover planning your website, setting up a local website in Expression Web, creating your first web page, semantic HTML, beginning CSS using the Expression Web tools and end with a complete website using a Dynamic Web Template manage the site.

You can now register for the April 2009 session Expression Web class. For more information see our Introduction Expression Web Course Description or register now! This course is limited to 20 students.

Introduction to CSS

Are you new to CSS? Confused about box models and how to create a CSS based page layout? This Introduction to CSS class is for you. You can now register for the April Session session or for more information see our Introduction to CSS Course Description or register now! This course is limited to 20 students.

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web

Do you have a FrontPage site you want to migrate to Expression Web? If you are strugging to transistion from FrontPage to Expression Web then this class is for you. With two Microsoft MVPs to ask questions and hold your hand every step of the way this four week class will end with you having learned not only how to clean your code but better ways to maintain your website. For more information see the Mirgrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Course Description or register now!

Free Self Paced Classes

free “The Language of Web Design”

This 100 level class will introduce you to the terminology of web design. If you have never created a web page before or have been confused when you hear terms like “HTML”, “standards compliant”, “use a png not a gif for that” , this short course will help you to understand what those terms mean. For more information on see the language of web design course description.

Now our Web Accessibility Class is free

The course format has changed from being instructor led to being a self paced class with over sight by our staff just like the Language of Web Design class. For more information on what is covered in the class see the Accessibility Class Description.

Additional classes will be added as instructors become available. Courses planned to be added include Content Writing, Introduction to CSS, Promoting Your Online Business, Graphics and other web related topics.

Future Classes

We are considering offering a series of short 1-2 week classes on specific topics such as:

Website Design & Planning for the Newbie
For those who want a website and do not know where to start.
Dynamic Web Templates
Covering both Expression Web Designer & FrontPage 2003 DWTs.
CSS Menus
Creating attractive and functional menus for your website using CSS.
Migrating Your FrontPage Site to Expression Web
Not sure where to start? This short class will take you through the steps to take your existing FrontPage website and update it to current standards using Expression Web.

Tell us what you think about adding short courses and any other courses you would be interested in taking.

Interested in Teaching?

We are looking for instructors, if you are interested contact registrar at starttoweb dot com.