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What Makes Us a top SEO Agency in Vancouver?

We focus on custom tactical SEO approach. We set ourselves apart by providing quality premium services that ensure high rankings, traffic, leads and conversions.

We go the extra mile for our clients. We’ve been building unique strategies, stories and experiences for the past 11 years. Let us help your company grow..

How Can You Benefit From SEO?

Search engine optimization isn't a one-time task. We make recommendations and optimizations based on data and relevant insights throughout every step of your project.
SEO Analysis

We carry out an SEO audit of your website with the objective of reviewing the technical performance of the site .


We build a custom strategy based on key points of interest are within the consumer segment, to tailor bespoke lifestyle messaging around.


Once the core foundations have been structured and set, its key to strive and “push the envelope” to maximise growth

Learn SEO with us

Not only do we provide custom SEO services, you have the chance to learn SEO for yourself. We’ll make sure you understand what SEO is all about. Get ahead of the curve and we’ll take care of the rest.

SEO agency Vancouver experts will guide you to improve your Google knowledge. Of course, before learning, objectives are defined beforehand, whether it is to improve or advance your SEO knowledge.

Meet our team...

I am an SEO consultant that supports companies to improve the visibility of a website on Google. Its goal is my goal to make all of a site’s pages appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

Geoffrey Pin

I'm an SEO Expert from Singapore with a passion for growing in the digital marketing industry. My goal is to help improve organic traffic with a collaboration of social media and content marketing.

Jonas Belocura
SEO / Social Media / E-commerce

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Our SEO GROWTH Services

Grow Your Traffic & Improve your ROI! We provide you with our SEO packages Below

Our SEO  GROWTH Services

Grow Your Traffic & Improve your ROI! We provide you with our SEO packages Below
Custom SEO Package

We help you create a custom strategy and campaigns based on your needs and budget!

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Full SEO Package

A full SEO campaign that starts with an SEO Audit, strategy creation, Technical SEO, and maitenance campaigns (On-page & Off-page)

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What makes Start to Web different from other SEO companies in Vancouver?

Our SEO agency is a reference in terms of expertise and adapts to your business priorities by implementing effective SEO optimizations. Calling on Startotweb means making sure you are working with the best SEO consultants in Vancouver.

First step :
First of all, an SEO audit is essential. This audit will allow a complete analysis of your website in order to identify the list of optimizations to be made on your website.

Second step :
keyword study will allow you to evaluate the keywords you need to refer to. They will be chosen according to the volume of research and the level of purchase intention. The query must be a business contributor.

Third step :
Once the study of keywords carried out, I will propose you a new website tree structure. Thus, throughout the project I will accompany you to optimize and integrate the new pages.

Fourth :
Each month, you will receive a report of your performances to evaluate the impact on the positioning of your pages on Google but also the evolution of your web traffic. The objective? First page of Google.

Why SEO Audit is important?

We carry out an SEO audit of your website with the objective of reviewing the technical performance of the site and the optimizations to be implemented for Internet users and search engines. During the creation of the website, the webmaster can miss essential technical factors for internet referencing if you want to occupy the first position on Google.

In this SEO audit we evaluate 35 SEO positioning factors ranging from the implementation of canonical tags to the implementation of micro-data. Beyond the referencing of your website, the user experience must be placed at the heart of your digital strategy and it is with this in mind that our SEO specialists using the best SEO software will ensure, among other things, that the speed of the pages on mobile and computer is optimised and that the conversion rate of visitors is multiplied

SEO Strategies and Advices

An effective website SEO can be achieved by working with SEO experts in Vacouver who will advise you on a daily basis to achieve your goals. Our SEO agency sees itself as a true partner of your company and is motivated by educating you on SEO best practices whether you want to improve the visibility of your e-commerce or know the basics of WordPress SEO. All the SEO analyses carried out by our web agency's SEO experts are shared so that you are fully aware of our work.

As you will have understood, Start-to-web places transparency at the heart of the partnership that binds us with our clients. Also, a good SEO agency in Vancouver has to advise its clients globally and that is why our advice is part of a 360 degree marketing strategy including paid search engine optimization and your Social Media strategy.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Vancouver agency will help you to improve your Google visibility locally and in the Vancouver region. If you are at the head of a physical establishment or if your clientele is mainly from Vancouver, our SEO experts will improve the positioning of your website on a local level by targeting keywords related to your geographical area.

Referencing your website on Google is not only optimizing your website. As part of a local SEO strategy your Google My Business listing is an essential pillar of local SEO positioning to improve its ranking on expressions integrating Vancouver ... Our Vancouver SEO agency also teaches you the best practices to improve your Google My Business listing independently.

Why use an SEO agency 😉?

Our digital marketing agency can develop your cmpany in Vancouver or in British Columbia through a strategy and optimizations on your website. Entrepreneurs have understood this and Vancouver is constantly welcoming new talent.

The assets of the Vancouver city are well established: an active population, major competitive clusters, a strategic geographic position, a remarkable living environment, a powerful innovative potential, etc.

The number of companies established in Vancouver is constantly growing. This vitality explains why Vancouver can pride itself on its ranking as one of the largest economic in Canada. Indeed, the city is a territory with several fields of excellence (life sciences, cleantechnologies, industry and digital), six competitive clusters and large, well-established companies.
How to know if seo services are good ? The performance is the best way to see if the SEO company can boost your website. Our knowledge in digital marketing and more specifically in SEO allow us to offer a reliable work and effective.

As you probably suspect if you are aware of the existence of SEO the work of optimization to be better ranking on search engines, and Google in particular, is a real expertise.

Indeed, the more time passes, the more the criteria to improve one's ranking in the SERP (search results) are numerous and obscure. Google communicates very little about the criteria that have a real impact and something that was still working a few months ago may already be obsolete.To see clearly and not waste time, make sure you are accompanied by a guide that will provide you with real elements to achieve your goals. This is the goal of an SEO agency, SEO being a profession in its own right.

We advise you to use an agency specializing in SEO rather than a more generalist web agency that may encourage you to spend a lot of money in SEA to achieve goals quickly. Of course, as soon as you pay the results will show, but as soon as budgets are cut you will lose visibility again.You have to perceive natural referencing as a medium and long term investment.

Of course, as an SEO agency specialized in SEO for more than 10 years, we are also able to provide a very fast return on investment, especially with netlinking. Calling on an SEO agency is to ensure that you couple ROI with search engine visibility.

How to choose your SEO agency?

Depending on your company, your experience and your possible past relationships with other agencies, you will not necessarily have the same criteria when choosing your SEO agency. In any case, it is important and necessary to ask yourself certain questions and check certain elements:◾ Feedback from real clients: Many people and agencies in SEO tend to boast about their achievements without giving specific examples. Stop bullshit, nothing beats concrete examples and real feedback to see if the agency you want to work with is really getting results.

Be careful though, a good agency will ensure that its clients' confidentiality is respected and will not give you names but, with a little insistence, you should still be able to get some figures. If the agency gives you a list of all these clients on its own, run away! In SEO, let's live well, let's live hidden.◾ Expertise on subjects necessary to your project: Depending on your needs and your site, you will certainly need an agency with certain specificities. This may depend on your CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Symphony...), the size of your site, your seniority, the competition in your market... If you have to work with an agency to take care of the SEO of your site, you might as well have only one partner.

Reputation and word-of-mouth: A very important point, word-of-mouth! Indeed, satisfied customers are the best testimony of a serious and effective SEO agency. If you hear about the same SEO agency from several different people and the feedback is glowing, don't think about it anymore, go for it! If, on the contrary, the feedback is negative and the clients are disappointed, it will be better to move on. Beware also of agencies that nobody knows, this can be a bad sign..

Agency size and number of seo consultants: This is a personal choice in relation to what you expect from your agency. Indeed, if you opt for a small agency with few SEO consultants, the advantages are speed of execution and flexibility. On the other hand, working with a large SEO agency ensures that there will be enough resources put on your case. So to sum up, if you are a small organization, it is certainly better to prefer a small agency, and conversely, if you are a large company, a large SEO agency will surely be better able to meet your needs.And that's it! You know all the points to check before choosing your new SEO agency! Now you can decide which one in the market you entrust your SEO goals to.

Which SEO agency to choose?

We would be tempted to give you a proper answer: Starttoweb, but that doesn't seem very objective to us.

Rather than telling you which SEO agency to choose, we'll tell you why you should choose Starttoweb as your SEO agency Our strong points:◾ Our SEO expertise: we are a 100% SEO agency and therefore specialized in SEO. With us, no SEA, no SMO, and no fuss. We only offer SEO because we focus on quality rather than quantity of services.

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