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Our SEO package is customized for your business and focuses on your search engine visibility so that your traffic will be consistent and your incremental growth will heavily increase over time.

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Why Choose our SEO Service?

Search engine optimization isn't a one-time task. We make recommendations and optimizations based on data and relevant insights throughout every step of your project.

We focus on custom tactical SEO approach. We set ourselves apart by providing quality premium services that ensure high rankings, traffic, leads and conversions.

How Can You Benefit From SEO?

  • SEO Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Optimisation

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What makes Start to Web different from other SEO companies in Vancouver?

Our SEO agency is a reference in terms of expertise and adapts to your business priorities by implementing effective SEO optimizations. Calling on Startotweb means making sure you are working with the best SEO consultants in Vancouver.

First step :
First of all, an SEO audit is essential. This audit will allow a complete analysis of your website in order to identify the list of optimizations to be made on your website.

Second step :
keyword study will allow you to evaluate the keywords you need to refer to. They will be chosen according to the volume of research and the level of purchase intention. The query must be a business contributor.

Third step :
Once the study of keywords carried out, I will propose you a new website tree structure. Thus, throughout the project I will accompany you to optimize and integrate the new pages.

Fourth :
Each month, you will receive a report of your performances to evaluate the impact on the positioning of your pages on Google but also the evolution of your web traffic. The objective? First page of Google.

How to choose your SEO agency?

Depending on your company, your experience and your possible past relationships with other agencies, you will not necessarily have the same criteria when choosing your SEO agency. In any case, it is important and necessary to ask yourself certain questions and check certain elements:

◾ Feedback from real clients: Many people and agencies in SEO tend to boast about their achievements without giving specific examples. Stop bullshit, nothing beats concrete examples and real feedback to see if the agency you want to work with is really getting results. Be careful though, a good agency will ensure that its clients' confidentiality is respected and will not give you names but, with a little insistence, you should still be able to get some figures. If the agency gives you a list of all these clients on its own, run away! In SEO, let's live well, let's live hidden.

◾ Expertise on subjects necessary to your project: Depending on your needs and your site, you will certainly need an agency with certain specificities. This may depend on your CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Symphony...), the size of your site, your seniority, the competition in your market... If you have to work with an agency to take care of the SEO of your site, you might as well have only one partner.

◾ Reputation and word-of-mouth: A very important point, word-of-mouth! Indeed, satisfied customers are the best testimony of a serious and effective SEO agency.

If you hear about the same SEO agency from several different people and the feedback is glowing, don't think about it anymore, go for it! If, on the contrary, the feedback is negative and the clients are disappointed, it will be better to move on. Beware also of agencies that nobody knows, this can be a bad sign..

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